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03 September 2009 @ 10:31 pm
A New Chapter Of The Everlasting Story…
(The Plot of Mysterious Fantasy)

For as long as anyone can remember, Legend has stated that any time one of the four great nations found itself in peril, a girl would appear. This girl, called forth from another world, would serve as the Miko for that country’s Guardian God. Her task was to gather the seven Seishi, and together with them summon that God and make a wish that would save the country. Over the centuries, many Miko have come and rescued the people from certain destruction. For that reason, the Miko and her Seishi are widely respected, whenever they appear.

After the Miko is successful in summoning her God, and her wish is granted, she is said to return home and her seishi and the People of that country continue to live their lives, passing along her heroic story until it slowly melds with the preexisting legends of Miko past. Legend does not tell the darker side of this story…

The Miko does return home to her own world, but she is unaware of the price she has paid for saving a country and summoning a God. In exchange for granting the wish of the Miko, the God begins to slowly devour the girl until, at last, no trace of her existence remains in her world. No one remembers her, and there is nothing to show there was ever even someone to forget. There is nothing left of her in either world, save for the legends passed down through the ages…

At least, it was thought that there was nothing left of past Miko. Unbeknownst to all, including the Gods themselves, bits and pieces of these poor girls’ existences have remained within the ’Universe of the four Gods’. Alone, there was nothing of any real substance, but over the ages these pieces have drifted, seeking out the others who, like them, are nothing more than fragments of a soul who was tricked into giving everything for nothing.

As their collective presence grew, so did their power and anger toward the Four Gods. Calling themselves the Four Fiends, they were eventually able to meld into four individual entities, each able to mirror the powers of the guardian God that devoured them. Still, their strength was not enough. They needed a physical form in order to physically manifest their powers. Unable to possess Seishi, they each sought out some other suitable human to serve as their vessel. With these new, human forms, they would finally be able to exact their revenge upon the Four Gods who devoured them.

With the world within ’The Universe of the Four Gods’ once again in danger, the Miko were summoned to gather the seishi and save everyone. For the first time, all four Miko have been summoned at once, and are expected to work together for the safety of the world. But the four nations have feuded with one another for as long as anyone can recall, and old grudges often die hard. Can those of the four nations learn to work together, or will they be too busy fighting one another to stop the Four Fiends before it is too late? And what of the Miko that have been summoned? Will they share the same face as their predecessors, or will the tragic cycle finally be broken?

This is an AU, OC-only RP site for Yuu Watase's series 'Fushigi Yuugi'. We are just opening, so tons of characters are still up for grabs, including the Four Gods, The Four Fiends, Priestesses(Miko) and Warriors(Seishi). You don't have to be a fan to join, as we have also posted an information board (called 'Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho') which helps to explain things.

Please check us out, you won't regret it!
Mysterious Fantasy!

09 March 2009 @ 11:28 pm
Name: (real name if possible)   Veronica
Nicknames:  Hentai, pervert, sick puppy, stupid furball, werewolf, Vero, The "Pervert" Drawer
Age:  13
Gender:  Female. (Wow...)

Likes:  reading, drawing, writing, looking at fanarts of Fushigi Yuugi, YAOI, videogames, kittens, snow, rain, hanging around deviantArt, chocolate, marshmallows, people who spell "honour" like a Brit, perverted jokes (oh noes!) and WIND!!! Oh yes, and one very special guy who happens to think that I am a creepy stalker chick who is overclingy and overloving and being all like "He looked at me.............. joyness..........."
Dislikes:  Bright sunny days, homophobic people (I'm Straight tho'), jocks, people who can't draw but say they can, people who are too connected to the real world, people with NO SENSE OF HUMOUR, people who don't spell "honour" like a Brit, Steven Cummings (the most homophobic misogynistic asshole that I have ever met in my life), and people who give you referrals for swearing in class.
Hobbies:  Drawing, reading fanfiction, practicing kung fu, reading erotic fiction (^_^), singing, CaramellDansen, listening to music, yaoi, fangirling, being a general creepy stalker girl, and dreaming up roleplays...
Talents:  Drawing, writing, playing the piano, martial arts.
Strong Points:  I'm a very devoted person, maybe too devoted... but anyway, I stand up for what is RIGHT LEFT in my mind, I use my skills to help people, I'm pretty strong for my age and size, I don't kick the crap out of defenseless people unless I have a good reason (like: You killed my little brother! Die now!!!), I'm smart and stuff, and I am a generally well-rounded person.
Weak Points:  I'm too random at times... Poeple say I'm weird, perverted, violent, distant, freaky, and sick. I know that I don't show my emotions very well, because I know that showing what's really going on inside your head is weak. I cannot take criticism very well, not because It's Not True, but because It Is, and I am a Failure of Epic Proportions. I tend to beat myself up, and I am colorbllind in one eye, and I am a yaoi fangirl. And I draw too much. And all of my drawings are of hot smutty boysex. And... I think I have schizophrenia, because I can hear things other people don't, like the whispers... Oh god... I'm insane, aren't I? I need that control... I crave control over myself, I just move not on my own accord, I just act on instinct, I didn't want to scratch him and make him bleed, no matter how good it felt, the blood running down my fingers... I am like an animal, savage. I need to hide my true self from everyone else, because if they see me, the real me, they will all abandon me and leave me all alone again.
Favorite Color:  Blue, black, green, purple, indigo, orange. I think my top two of those are indigo and orange. Indigo is just very mysterious, while orange is energetic.

Optimistic or Pessimistic:  I'm a pessimist, through and through.
Hyper or Calm or Normal Energy:  I'm pretty calm. The hyper act is just so that no one can see past the mask and see the real me, the moster.
Impulsive or Think Things Through: I'm pretty impulsive... it's one of my worst traits...
Outgoing or Shy:  I'm shy, but I will open up to people...
Mature or Immature?:   I'm pretty immature... I'm just so SCARED sometimes of everyone leaving me, it's pathetic...
Leader or Follower?:  Neither... I don't like to work in teams... I don't work well with people in general. I'm a lone wolf.

If you had the 3 wishes, what would they be?:  The first would be for the one I love to actually accept my love, and maybe reciprocate, the second would be for me to stop being so goddamn SCARED and just live my life to the fullest, and the third wish would be for an unlimited manga, paper, pencil, and eraser supply! Yay!
Favorite Character? Why?:  Hmmm... Probably Suboshi, he just seems like me... and Tasuki, cause he's a pyro, and so am I, and I got kicked out of my old school for being a pyro, I think that's where all my personality problems started...
Anything else?:  I'd like to know who I am... and why.
Pictures (optional):Well, no camera... sigh...
22 February 2009 @ 09:15 am
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