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19 July 2009 @ 11:01 am
and we're all characters in this mysterious play...  

Name: Lina~
Nicknames: NaCl (it's a long story), Blue Eyes (as a joke, since my eyes are hazel)
Age: 17~
Gender: female!

Likes: water polo!  also equestrian horseback riding, cooking, singing, swimming, history, literature, any kinds of music, sushi, chocolate-covered strawberries
Dislikes: people who just don't think, ignorance, bigotry, people who don't laugh, maths, swimming (yes, I listed that above as well. it's a love-hate relationship)
Hobbies: water polo, singing, acting (when I have time)
Talents: swimming, physical strength/sports, learning things quickly, analysing a situation, languages
Strong Points: I love to laugh; it's one of my favorite things to do, and I do it easily. Because I'm pretty easily pleased, I can get fairly obsessed with the things I love, as my friends can attest to having their ears talked off about water polo (best sport ever). I like to think that I'm intelligent, especially in the liberal arts; I pick up languages quickly, I write well, and I'm a total world history nerd (and proud of it). I really do like sitting around and having conversations about politics and history, as weird as it may seem. Even outside liberal arts, I just love knowing things, and I still challenge myself with advanced sciences and maths even though I'm not as good at them.

(Intelligence, willingness to laugh, stubbornness, a sense of pride that won't let me quit, caring-- people rely on me for advice, and though I don't know how well I give it, I like knowing that people trust me enough to believe that I can help.)
Weak Points: While I like to be intelligent, I have my stupid moments often, usually from a complete lack observance. I can be pretty lazy; I procrastinate sometimes to the point where it really screws me over and I wind up scrambling to finish. I can whine when things get bad (I do try to be optimistic, though), and I have an inferiority complex, especially when it comes to my older sister. I'm stubborn, almost to the point of thick-headedness, and sometimes speak before I think.

Procrastination, inferiority complex, too-stubborn, slightly shy with people my own age (though not with others? odd, I know...)
Favorite Color: It changes constantly. Probably yellow right now?

Optimistic or Pessimistic: Optimistic, but I have pretty good sense of realism, as well, and don't set myself up for much disappointment if I can help it
Hyper or Calm or Normal Energy: Normal energy, though of course I can be hyper or calm at times.
Impulsive or Think Things Through: Depends on the situation... generally I'm pretty cautious and like to think things through.
Outgoing or Shy: I'm not good at being social with people my own age if I don't know them well. I'm very sociable when I'm in a one-on-one situation, though, or if I'm with my friends or older/younger people.
Mature or Immature?: I can be pretty immature when hanging out with my friends, but I know when is the right time to be serious and level-headed. For the most part, I think of myself as mature.
Leader or Follower?: Leader, though I like having a few advisers around to guide me and catch me if I start to make a bad decision. I just usually think that I can make better choices and stay better organised than most other people.

If you had the 3 wishes, what would they be?: Oh, that is a hard question. XD Can I dodge and say I probably wouldn't know until the time came? After all, situation changes everything. I mean, I've had a pretty good life, so there's really not too much I need at the moment. I guess if I had them now, I would get myself into my top-choice college, have a five-star cruise ship and crew so that I can get back to Antarctica whenever I want and bring along my friends, and I would send my mother on her dream vacation to Italy.
Favorite Character? Why?: There are so many awesome supporting characters that I can't really choose. ^^;;; From the original series, Nuriko, Tasuki, and Hotohori are my favorites; while they're lovable and put on a good front, each of them have hard pasts which they've had to overcome, yet still plague them (okay, maybe Tasuki not so much, but he makes me laugh). And Takiko is probably Watase's first well-developed, strong female character-- I like her a lot.

...I cannot stand Miaka and Tamahome.
Shura: Shura fantasiabakatashi on July 20th, 2009 02:57 pm (UTC)
I don't know if it's right, but something in your application makes me think about Tasuki